About the Dean

The Multi-faceted Edges of Suzanne F Stevens

Suzanne F Stevens is the Chief Edge Optimizer of the Ignite Excellence Inc. Group of Initiatives. Her mantra is, “We all perform our best at the edge of our comfort zone.” Her goal is to assist people to push the edge of their personal and professional potential. She achieves that by bringing her backpack, briefcase and boardroom experiences to inspire individuals to elevate their personal backpack (everyday living), briefcase (business success) and boardroom (engaging many) fulfillment while creating endless possibilities.

The possibilities for Suzanne are what made her an Entrepreneur, Leader, Trainer, Speaker, Coach, Host, Sales Person, Conference Producer, Board Member, Adventure Traveler, Photographer, and Philanthropist.

igniteexcellence As an Entrepreneur, Leader and Trainer – Suzanne is the Founder and President of Ignite Excellence Inc. a leadership and sales development company specializing in influential communications. Over the last eight years her team has trained thousands of people on four continents. She has researched and worked with a multitude of industries including technology, finance, pharmaceutical, marketing, manufacturing, research, engineering companies and the list continues. www.igniteexcellence.com
suzannefstevens As a Speaker – Suzanne is a Relevant, Engaging, Dynamic speaker whose down-to-earth approach brings the audience to the front row. Suzanne has been speaking on Influential communication for 11 years. On four continents she has provided people with skills to influence, differentiate and engage more people and win more business. She has recently placed a lot of her efforts on more personal and professional development by providing insights and strategies to pushing your edge to your personal and professional potential. An area, in which she lives, breathes and succeeds. Learn more about Suzanne’s speaking.
suzannefstevens As a Coach – Suzanne is a conduit in Living, Leadership, and Line-up Coaching. Learn more about Suzanne’s coaching.
wisdomexchangetv The Host – Suzanne is launching a pioneering initiative called Wisdom Exchange tv. This website is a resource to help African women to learn, lead and succeed in life, business, and community. It is a forum where women of all disciplines will be inspired from the achievements of African women in business, education, philanthropy and politics.www.wisdomexchangetv.com
igniteexcellence Sales Person – Suzanne has 25 years of Sales and Marketing experience that she brings to every speaking and training engagement.
igniteexcellencefoundation As a Philanthropist – In 2008 Suzanne created the Ignite Excellence Foundation. The mission of the foundation is Leadership, Advocacy and Education; the vision is to Invest, Inspire and Develop African women leaders of today for tomorrow.www.igniteexcellencefoundation.org
African Business Women Conference Producer – Suzanne hosted the first Ignite Excellence conference in 2010. This initiative brought Canadian women together from across Canada to hear some of the top Canadian women speakers. All the proceeds were donated to help build a women’s leadership centre in Nairobi. Suzanne will also be co-producing the Africa Business Women Summit – a pioneering event that will bring women together from all 54 African countries. ABW Connected Summit

Board Member – Suzanne has sat on the board of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers for the last two years. She has recently joined the CAABWA (Canadian and African Business Women Alliance). Suzanne is also involved with several professional associations. www.canadianspeakers.org and http://www.caabwa.com/
Adventure Traveler & Photographer– Suzanne has extensively traveled to over 55 countries and counting, often alone, and often taking the-road-less-traveled. She is embarking on a journey with her husband, Michael K Gingerich, for a few years, which they call Mission Africa. Their mandate is to celebrate all that is good in Africa. They will focus on the beauty and possibilities of Africa for the world stage to appreciate. They are writing blogs from both of their perspectives and creating a photo journal depicting Africa through the lens of opportunity. www.youmewe.ca