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    • “I found Ignite Excellence had a new and fresh approach to an old topic – developing better communication skills. I’ve taken many courses in this area and appreciate you being able to address this succinctly.”
      Lisa Lapierre, Consultant
      Hunt Personnel

    • “I found Ignite Excellence had a new and fresh approach to an old topic – developing better communication skills. I’ve taken many courses in this area and appreciate you being able to address this succinctly.”
      Lisa Lapierre, Consultant
      Hunt Personnel

    • “Thank you for giving me great habits and the tools to get it right every time! Your course and its teaching methods have already proven successful, as I’ve been able to persuade and move people to action faster with greater retention of information! I will use the skills I’ve learned in every presentation I do, with the ability improve each and every time!”
      Mia Chang, Account Executive
      Desjardins Financial Security

    • “My experience at the training was terrific. Of course you shook me out of my comfort zone. It was engaging, interactive, emotive and very purposeful. I learnt about my personality strengths that are relevant to effective communication.”
      George Ogalo
      Africa International University

    • “This is by far the most enjoyable and effective training program I have been involved with… and ironically on my (previously) least favoured subject.”  

      Jillian Warren, Sr. Interior Designer
      IBI Group

    • “Over my career, I’ve taken many presentation courses, but none of them really pushed me to the limit as this one did. The Ignite Excellence approach makes you face your fears and tackle them head on! It also forces you to think and plan strategically when preparing for a presentation. The individualized skills learned in this program far exceed the cost!”
      Moe Renaud, Regional Director
      Desjardins Financial Security

    • “Having been in the Group Benefit business for over 20 years I have had the opportunity to attend many presentation courses over that time.  The Ignite Excellence Presentation program was by far the most valuable to date. The instruction is concise, well prepared and very encouraging in helping apply the tools. I would recommend this program to any individuals who present to potential clients!”

      Rod Trites, Account Executive
      Desjardins Financial Security

    • “I have, in the last few years, lacked confidence in several aspects of my life. This program has helped me gain it back. I will speak up in the future and feel good about it. Thanks.”
      Susan Roach, Direct Sales Rep
      Hanson Brick

    • “The unique thing about Suzanne Stevens is her innate ability to quickly identify how a particular community works, figure out how to craft communication to be effective in that context and then show how to use those skills.”
      Lois Shaw, Communications
      Africa International University (AIU)

    • “Quick session – a must have to grow as a Manager. It prepares you to carry out a difficult conversation. It makes you comfortable to lead.”
      Ambles Kock


    • “We continue to get requests from our staff for the Influence Without Authority Program and positive feedback from those who have attended in the past. To date, your program is the top rated program with our staff.”

      Ian MacRae, Director
      Rowan Williams Davies and Irwin Inc. (RWDI)

    • “I thoroughly enjoyed the Influence Without Authority program and would highly recommend it to anyone in the work place. I knew it would be helpful but didn’t realize just how beneficial and insightful it would be. I am much more confident now in how to communicate ideas, concerns and proposals and plan on using what I’ve learned in all facets of life. Thank-you!”
      Christine Tompa
      News Canada

    • “This program was a big eye opener for me, as well at times a humbling one. That said it was very instructive in helping me see the skills I need to improve on in effective influencing.”
      Dave Carpenter, Business Development Manager

    • “This was a very well structured, dynamic program. I have left feeling more comfortable and confident with my ability to communicate with more senior or experienced clients and colleagues.”
      Natalie York
      Rowan Williams Davies and Irwin Inc. (RWDI)

    • “A great training that should be taken by all Leaders who have direct reports. It offers excellent tips and facts that are essential for all business and even personal communications.”
      Helga Kriska, Team Leader –

    • “Firstly, I would like to thank you for offering such a program that gets to the heart of communication and more importantly, leadership. I found the three-day program to be exciting and extremely useful. It allowed me the opportunity to look back on the way I have been communicating, understand it and improve it. I feel empowered with new skill sets that will allow me to get the most value from the people I work with.”

      Richard Aubry, Associate
      IBI Group

    • For our Women’s Leadership Network, Suzanne Stevens created a session on influencing, differentiating and engaging, specifically aimed at women.  Suzanne herself is an excellent role model for other women and the session was a big hit!  Her presentation was engaging and the content was interesting, relevant and thought provoking.  Every participant enjoyed themselves and all of the feed back I received was positive.”
      Nancy Forrester, Manager, IT – ERP & BW,
      Canadian Standards Association (CSA Group Canada

    • “After just recently participating in the Leadership and Perception Selling Programs through Ignite Excellence, I have found a higher, conscious level of communication. Having attended a number of different Sales Training programs, Ignite Excellence is by far the most valuable in all facets. This has lead to stronger coaching abilities, higher levels of communication and understanding with upper management, as well as establishing and solidifying client relations.”

      Sandi Leonard, General Sales Manager
      Astral Media Radio

    • “Suzanne Stevens came to speak to our Women’s Leadership Network and we thoroughly admired her endless energy and insight into how women can be successful in all areas of their lives.”
      Allyson Kinsley, Vice President Strategic Business Development,

    • “The senior team at Research House has just completed three days of training with Ignite Excellence. The session was truly outstanding! My team returned to the office refreshed, re-invigorated and I think a bit exhausted. The change in the buzz around the office is remarkable. In my impression, the three days we spent with Ignite Excellence will kick of a quantum change in what Research House is and what it will be for the future.”
      Graham Loughton, Vice President & General Manager
      Research House

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    Investment in your development is also an investment in tertiary education for the future women leaders of Africa. Five percent (5%) of every program sold will be donated to the Ignite Excellence Foundation. – focusing on investing, inspiring & developing women leaders for tomorrow.
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  • Ignite Excellence Inc.

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    Ignite Excellence Inc. is a leadership, business and sales development company that specializes in influential communications. We work with our clients to influence, differentiate and engage more people and more business.
    Post image for Ignite Excellence Inc.

    The ability to effectively communicate and to influence is mission-critical to your growth.

    As a leadership, business & sales training company, traditionally we work with our clients as business advisors, trainers, and coaches. Our team analyzes your company’s specific objectives, unique culture, and communication gaps. We then tailor an in-depth, influential communication solution to bolster your sales, improve your leadership communication and create the ultimate customer experience.

    With a decade of training experience, 25 years of business development experience, and experience of working in multitude of industries with the executives to the people on the front-lines, we are happy to announce we can now bring Ignite Excellence’s world-class organizational training to individuals who want to take their influential communications to the next level.

    We have traditionally offered Ignite Excellence’s in-depth development programs face-to-face exclusively, but we are now bringing the classroom to you via igniteU – our affordable influence online university. These comprehensive and personal skill development programs will provide you with  communication skills to bolster your influencing skills, differentiate you, while promoting and creating a holistic business approach.

    You will build on your skills to:

    1. Influence stakeholders in every interaction
    2. Differentiate yourself, your solution and your company
    3. Engage more people and more business.

    Ignite Excellence Inc. has trained organizations in a multitude of industries from engineering, architecture, public relations, advertising, consulting and law firms; to finance, technology, research, pharmaceuticals, insurance, media, construction, government agencies and not-for-profits. Read a sample of our testimonials.

    Although each industry is unique, they all have one thing is common – people making decisions. Our programs help you understand the holistic decision-making processes of an individual or group, ultimately allowing you to engage, differentiate, and influence to achieve long-term business partnerships.

    Ignite Excellence list of Programs

    The Business Communication Cycle graphically displayed above, has many of the components required to win, maintain and execute business. We have training programs for the entire cycle. If a program is not yet available online and you would like to develop in a particular skill, please click to fill out Ignite Excellence training program inquiry. You will receive notice when the program is launched with a special introductory rate.

    Ignite Excellence Programs:

    1. Presentation Oxygen Program – Persuasive presentation skills 
    2. UnSales Sales™ Program: Understanding leads to influence – creating productive partnerships
    3. Values-based Negotiations Program: Understanding values to gain negotiation power
    4. Influence Without Authority Program: Persuading diverse stakeholders toward positive outcomes
    5. Connected Service Program: Creating customer loyalty and opportunities through superior customer service
    6. Communication Leadership Program: Aligning, empowering, inspiring stakeholders to a common vision.
    7. Connection to Business Conversion: Turning a networking opportunity into a business reality
    8. Connecting with the Call Program: Increasing phone and email responses
    9. Cognitive Coach Program – Empowering individual performance

    We are presently launching programs based on demand. If there is a skill you would like development in, please click: Ignite Excellence training program inquiry.

    Ignite Excellence believes that people perform best at the edge of their comfort zone. Our goal is to take you to your edge to reach your personal and professional potential.

    About the Founder

    Suzanne F. Stevens, CSP* Chief Edge Optimizer – Founder & President of Ignite Excellence Inc., also provides keynote addresses promoting people to push the edge to their personal and professional potential.

    *Suzanne is one of 60 Certified Speaking Professionals (CSP) in Canada and is included in the 10% of individuals who have this designation internationally

    To learn more click here.