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What is an IgniteU Affiliate Program?

IgniteU Affiliate Program is a referral network of people or businesses that spread the word about IgniteU products to perspective individuals and organizations that want to improve their influential communication in a variety of business situations.

Why become an IgniteU Affiliate Partner? 

Becoming an IgniteU Affiliate partner means that you can share world-class training with your friends and colleagues while creating an income stream for yourself. As we continue to add more professional influential communication training programs to IgniteU on-line training resource, you will be able to build your business communication skills, your income stream, all while assisting others to reach their personal and professional goals.

What percentage of the sale will I make on each product purchased?

One of our goals is to promote the importance and the skill of effective communications, so we are creating a program that will motivate Affiliates to share that vision. Our second goal is to ensure we raise funds for the Ignite Excellence Foundation – which invests in tertiary education for future women leaders in developing countries. Five percent of every sale is donated to the Foundation. Thirdly, our goal is to provide people with another income stream, particularly in emerging economies. And lastly, we are pricing our program to assist us in sustaining many of the Ignite Excellence Inc. Group of Initiatives that we are implementing internationally to promote leadership development and higher learning with the goal to create future leaders in emerging economies.

With these objectives we set forward the commission structure based on your sales.

Affiliate Goals

Min # of sales % per Sale of sale price Additional Bonuses


101 plus program sales 25% Receive all programs free when launched


51 – 100

20% Receive two free programs
Silver 26 – 50 18%

Receive one free program


6 – 25 15%
New Affiliate 1-5 10%
Note: Ignite Excellence Inc./IgniteU has the right to change the price of the products and without any notice to Affiliates. Note: Your buyers MUST use your link for you to be attributed with the sale.
No exceptions
. You will receive your personal link once you register to become an Affiliate Partner.

You can provide others an opportunity to become Affiliates too!

All you need to do is create more Affiliates, and you will make commissions off their efforts. There are three levels of Affiliate:

 Affiliate Levels Description % of Sale
Grandparent Affiliate
(level 3)
You have two levels in the same line underneath you selling IgniteU products 2% of every sale
Parent Affiliate
(level 2)
This means you have one level of an affiliate underneath you selling IgniteU products 3% of every sale
 Child Affiliate
(level 1)
This means that you have no Affiliates underneath you 10% of every sale (Note: if only a Parent & Child Affiliate – the Child receives additional 2% which is allocated to Grandparent Affiliate
Optimize income:  The best way to increase income is to establish Child/Parent/Grandparent Affiliates. This way you can have a multitude of income streams. Example: The “grandparent” (level 3) affiliate will be eligible for commission on the sales that their recruits make (parent affiliate / level 2) AND for the sales that their recruit’s recruits make (child affiliate / level 1). We automatically calculates the commissions for all levels.
Note: Ignite Excellence Inc./IgniteU has the right change the price of the products without any notice to Affiliates.

How to become an IgniteU Affiliate Partner?

There are simple steps to become an Affiliate:

  1. Click here and fill out the web-form suggesting you would like to be an IgniteU Affiliate Partner.
  2. Once an Affiliate, you will receive a password. This will provide you with access to a password protected portal called the Affiliate Center.
  3. You can log into the portal to get marketing materials. This portal will also allow you to view your own activity and sales statistics. Using the Affiliate Center gives you tools and information that you want and need so they can access it when you want it.
  4. Apply for a PayPal account. Click here and set-up an account so we can automatically pay you while keeping your financial information private. Paypal privacy policy.
  5. If you are serious about promoting the programs we will need to pay you. The most effective way to pay you is through PayPal. If you go to this link ( and set-up an account we will be able to transfer your commissions directly to it. Send us your Paypal account so we can pay you directly.

Simple is that … now you need to sell.

How do I get started?

You may choose to be a passive or active Affiliate. What is the difference? A passive Affiliate informs friends, family and colleagues of an IgniteU – on-line influence university,  that you recently participated in and thought they may be interested in purchasing. Good chance this will be a  face-to-face referral. You can make an income from this approach, but it will likely be minimal unless one of the IgniteU purchasers becomes an Active Affiliate.

An Active Affiliate is someone who ‘actively’ seeks new opportunities to promote the IgniteU products through a number of avenues i.e. Social media, email campaigns, website, blog links or face-to-face sales (many of these resources are in the Affiliate Center).  This person sees the potential of the selling the high caliber training programs beyond their immediate network and seeks individuals, organizations and associations that may be interested in advancing their influential communication development.

Either if you are active or passive, we have branded resources to provide to your perspective buyers.

  1. Once you register to be an Affiliate, visit the Affiliate Resource section (URL will be provided once you register) and become aware of the IgniteU program benefits listed on the market materials. Although the materials are useful, it is more advantageous if you actually take the program, as then you can speak from experience. We will be updating resources for you to aid in your success. You can find the resources in the Affiliate Center.
  2. Inform individuals and organizations about the ignitU on-line programs. After learning their personal or professional objective state how the program will assist them in achieving their objective and ultimately developing their influential communication business skills. You can do this a number of ways, the Affiliate Resource section as well as Affiliate Partner Action updates will provide you with some suggestions.
  3. IgniteU is using technology that assists us to enroll, equip, track, and reward our Affiliate Partners who help sell our products.
  4. Once you have a prospect, you will provide them with a trackable link that is exclusive to you, to purchase their IgniteU product. E.g. if your affiliate ID is “johns”, the trackable link for our Presentations step-by-step program would be When the prospect will click this trackable link, he/she will be directed to the product transaction page and our system will drop a cookie in prospect’s system to start the tracking the referral against your Affiliate ID. Remember, the cookie is valid for 30 days i.e. for our system to track and for you to get rewarded, the sale needs to happen within 30 days of when the prospect first click your trackable link.
  5. You can copy links for all the  IgniteU products by login to the Affiliate Center with your username and password that you created while signing up to become an Affiliate partner.
  6. You will be paid upon Ignite Excellence Inc. receiving payment from the purchaser. More information below.

How do you know how much I sold?

Our data system, tracks Affiliate generated sales and automatically calculates commissions based on the programs set up. The commission programs pay out a percentage based on the price of the product(s) sold. We run a ledger report each payment period to view commissions due. After we send your payment electronically, we will record the payments in our ledgers, which will automatically generate updates to the information available through the Affiliate Center.

When can I expect to be paid?

We appreciate there are many reasons that you may have chosen to become and IgniteU Affiliate, and one of them is to have another income stream. We respect that getting payment in a timely matter is important to you.

We only can pay our Affiliates when we are paid in full. By the time the purchase of one of products takes place, you will have payment within two months, NO LATER. We would hope it would be sooner, however, we are travelling throughout Africa working on several projects, and we don’t want to disappoint you. So expect payment in one to two months.

If you keep selling IgniteU products you will find that you will continue to have an ongoing income stream.

How do I track my sales?

As an Affiliate you will be able to log into the Affiliate Center to access your tracking links and other marketing resources, like emails and website banners. You can also monitor your own activity by accessing reports that give you real-time information about the number of sales you have made and the amount that you have earned.

What tools will have to help inform prospective buyers?

Affiliate Resources are the marketing tools you will be provided with to equip you to promote your business and to make it easy for you to drive qualified prospects to IgniteU website, landing pages, and online store. These resources are designed for use with online marketing strategies (email, blogs, websites, social media, etc). If most of your leads come to you through offline methods (phone calls, walk-in, personal emails, etc.) then you will need to provide perspective buyer with your personal link to get rewarded for the sale – without the link, you will not be attributed with the sale. No exceptions. We have PDF brochures that you can use to give to prospective customers. You can download these by accessing the link Affiliate Resources in the Affiliate Center.

We hope you decide to join our team! If you have any questions email us at

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