Group Solutions

We offer the following group solutions internationally:

Tailored solutions for corporations and institutions – If your organization wishes to utilize online training to effectively and efficiently train your team members, all at an affordable price; please contact us regarding bulk sales and / or license.

In-house tailored training: Ignite Excellence can provide a certified trainer to further promote skill transference. Contact us and we will have a certified trainer contact you.  To learn more about training programs visit: Ignite Excellence Influential Communication training: Sales, Leadership, Influence without Authority, Presentation skills, and more.

Coaching: If  your team has taken an igniteU program – Ignite Excellence programs online, you may wish for them to be coached on their skill development. We can provide a coach to ensure WHAT they have learnt is a skill they can use to influence multitude of stakeholders.

Conference Keynote Speaker: Suzanne F. Stevens, Chief Edge Optimizer and Founder & President of Ignite Excellence Inc. Group of Initiatives, has several keynote addresses. Suzanne’s keynotes encouraging people to push their edge to their personal and professional potential. These tailored keynotes will motivate individuals, teams and organizations to move to a positive action either in life or business or both.