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    • “Thank you for giving me great habits and the tools to get it right every time! Your course and its teaching methods have already proven successful, as I’ve been able to persuade and move people to action faster with greater retention of information! I will use the skills I’ve learned in every presentation I do, with the ability improve each and every time!”
      Mia Chang, Account Executive
      Desjardins Financial Security

    • “My experience at the training was terrific. Of course you shook me out of my comfort zone. It was engaging, interactive, emotive and very purposeful. I learnt about my personality strengths that are relevant to effective communication.”
      George Ogalo
      Africa International University

    • “This is by far the most enjoyable and effective training program I have been involved with… and ironically on my (previously) least favoured subject.”  

      Jillian Warren, Sr. Interior Designer
      IBI Group

    • “Over my career, I’ve taken many presentation courses, but none of them really pushed me to the limit as this one did. The Ignite Excellence approach makes you face your fears and tackle them head on! It also forces you to think and plan strategically when preparing for a presentation. The individualized skills learned in this program far exceed the cost!”
      Moe Renaud, Regional Director
      Desjardins Financial Security

    • “Having been in the Group Benefit business for over 20 years I have had the opportunity to attend many presentation courses over that time.  The Ignite Excellence Presentation program was by far the most valuable to date. The instruction is concise, well prepared and very encouraging in helping apply the tools. I would recommend this program to any individuals who present to potential clients!”

      Rod Trites, Account Executive
      Desjardins Financial Security

    • “I have, in the last few years, lacked confidence in several aspects of my life. This program has helped me gain it back. I will speak up in the future and feel good about it. Thanks.”
      Susan Roach, Direct Sales Rep
      Hanson Brick

    • “The unique thing about Suzanne Stevens is her innate ability to quickly identify how a particular community works, figure out how to craft communication to be effective in that context and then show how to use those skills.”
      Lois Shaw, Communications
      Africa International University (AIU)

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    Investment in your development is also an investment in tertiary education for the future women leaders of Africa. Five percent (5%) of every program sold will be donated to the Ignite Excellence Foundation. – focusing on investing, inspiring & developing women leaders for tomorrow.
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  • Persuasive Presentation Skills that Move Minds Program

    Confidently engaging an individual or audience while maintaining control and moving their minds to a desired outcome.

    [pay infusion_url="https://igniteexcellence.infusionsoft.com/app/manageCart/addProduct?productId=10" text="Step-by-Step* $249USD"]
    [pay infusion_url="https://igniteexcellence.infusionsoft.com/app/manageCart/addProduct?productId=8" text="Fast Track** $249USD"]
    [pay infusion_url="https://igniteexcellence.infusionsoft.com/app/manageCart/addProduct?productId=14" text="Overview Module $15USD"]

    Confidently engaging an individual or audience while maintaining control and moving their minds to a desired outcome.

    Some of the top leaders have said the skill they have found the most useful in growing their business, engaging their employees and gaining buy-in is their ability to present their vision and objectives. Presenting is a skill needed to help build credibility, make a lasting impression and move people to desired outcome. It can impact your company, community and career.

    Presenting in front of an audience, however, is the biggest fear of many people. Feeling nervous, forgetting what to say and worrying that a message will be lost are all negative thoughts that can preoccupy a presenter. Unfortunately, these feelings all focus on the presenter and her own capability, not on the audience and their reaction.

    Nerves are a hurdle, but not a barrier. The bigger issues tend to be the ability to connect with the audience and achieve your objective.  As women, we can face unique challenges in presenting to get our messages heard and acted upon. The key is to build your confidence and credibility to gain commitment of your audience. This can be achieved with understanding the power of delivering with intention and create a powerful presentation that is persuasive and has clear purpose.

    Ignite Excellence’s Persuasive Presentation Skills that Move Minds Program incorporates advanced presentation techniques, including planning, plus verbal and kinetic delivery skills that produce persuasive presentations, whether to one person or a packed hall. These techniques fine-tune and advance an individual’s business presentation skills, equipping participants with the ability to inform and influence their audiences to move to a desired outcome. Our techniques are beneficial, whether pitching for new business prospects, delivering client market analysis, deployed for internal stakeholders, or a large audience of strangers. Participants learn how to engage each member of the audience prior to and long after the presentation. The focus is not only on what is delivered, but also how it is delivered.

    Regardless if you are a tenured presenter, or a novice, you will emerge from this program with more confidence to stand before a group and successfully deliver persuasive messages that will move people to action.

    Key Learning Outcomes

    Participants will have the skills to:

    • Follow a proven process to develop and deliver persuasive presentations that achieve specific objectives and appeal to each member of the audience.
    • Deliver dynamic and flexible presentations that can be delivered to a small or large audience (from 1 to 1 or 1,000).
    • Move minds of an audiences to a desired outcome.
    • Modify presentations for different situations and individuals.
    • Tailor communication to address the objectives of your specific prospect/client as well as other stakeholders.
    • Structure business presentations to suit a range of different audience communication styles.
    • Use flexible tools to organize ideas for presentations in a time saving, informative, and persuasive manner.
    • Use persuasive language that is appropriate to influence specific members of the audience.
    • Design and interact with visual aids effectively.
    • Control the audience before, during and after a presentation.
    • Communicate more persuasively and confidently in informal or formal presentations.
    • Use movement, gestures, eye contact, and voice in order to engage diverse audiences.
    • Control and direct nervous energy to create a memorable presentation.
    • Learn flexibility in using delivery skills to create different moods and tones depending on the objective.
    • Prepare for, and handle, “rough times” in order to feel more comfortable when dealing with challenging audiences.

    Who should participate?

    Women who …

    • Are in teams that present to win business
    • Are Managers who conduct meetings
    • Are Executives who need to create positive stakeholder perception
    • Speak to Associations or present to colleagues
    • Are Sales individuals who present one-to-one or to a group
    • Need to influence a variety of stakeholder groups


    In addition to the extensive and comprehensive online programs, the Founder of Ignite Excellence Inc., Suzanne F Stevens, also provides you with insights on using influential skills as a woman. Also featured, are international ‘Leading Ladies’ in business, politics, education and philanthropy who will provide strategies on ‘how to’ build and grow your career, company or institution. These insights will be emailed to you during and after the completion of your program.  This free offer is exclusive to the Leading Lady Series – purchase of full program.

    Products Solutions

    Complete ProgramFourteen modules

    Each module includes digital audio and visual streaming, downloadable worksheets and exercises. In additions you will receive the overview module (10 Planning Components to a Persuasive Presentation) as a downloadable resource. During and after the program you will also receive addition resources to assist with your persuasive presentation development for up to a year. (Note: The highest technology has been considered to promote streaming in emerging countries)

    Step-by-Step* $249USD

    Fast Track** $249USD

    Overview Module – Ten Planning Components to a Persuasive Presentation

    One-hour module that provides key concepts for preparing and presenting any persuasive presentation. Module includes digital audio and visual download, worksheet and exercises.

    Overview Module $15USD


    Program Delivery Options

    * Step-by-Step Option – Program is completed over a two-month period – best for practicing module exercises. Every 7 days you will receive an email informing you to log into the site to watch your next module. One or two modules will be available at a time (the number available depends on the size of the module). You will then be able to download the worksheets and stream the audio & visual. The online program is streamed and therefore you will receive a user name and password to log onto the site to gain access to the modules.  Please check your junk box for emails if you don’t receive them.

    ** Fast Track Option – You will receive the entire program at once – including audio & visual and worksheets. The online program is streamed and therefore you will receive a user name and password to log onto the site to gain access to the modules. You will then be able to download the worksheets and stream the audio & visual. The program can be completed in three full intensive days. Please check your junk box for emails if you don’t receive them.

    (Note: You will need an internet connection to take this course. The highest technology has been considered to promote streaming in emerging countries. The training videos are supported by all major Operating systems and browsers: Operating Systems: Mac OS/Windows; Browser support: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, browsers on iPhone/iPad and other smartphones; Flash version required: 9.115.)

    Although Persuasive Presentations that Move Minds Program will take you to the next level of your presentation ability by challenging your approach and enhancing your skills, you may choose to engage an Ignite Excellence certified trainer who will provide coaching which will further enhanced your overall ability to persuade audiences. To request a person coach contact sales@igniteexcellence.com