Where can I get more information about these skills?

  • There is more information on the worksheets than what will be covered in the online modules. All the worksheets are downloadable and compile a workbook, which should be used as resource for years to come.
  • Also as an Ignite Excellence client you will receive “Ignite Insights” for the  year that will provide practical use of the influencing skills.
  • The Ignite Excellence Blog, on this site and at (www.igniteexcellence.com) and the Suzanne F Stevens blog (www.suzannefstevens.com) provide as resources of how develop your skills both personally and professionally.
  • Resource Tab” on the IgniteU site will have books and “Culture Connection” insights. This is where you and other visitors to the site can add their insights to how various cultures interact, and conduct business.

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