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    • “Thank you for your incredibly informative session at our National Sales Conference! I’ve read every sales book available and none of them have been able to give me as much direction with my sales calls in as little time as your seminar.  You have a great talent of condensing decades worth of sales training into a relatively short period and I truly believe that differentiates you from the pack. You have a real enthusiasm for helping others and it shows.” 
      Tim Holley, CIM, Inside Sales Manager,
      Advisor Channel, RBC Asset Management

    • “The Ignite Excellence methodology provided me with real world skills and insights allowing me to grow a small opportunity into a substantial deal with a Texas based retailer in my first year of software sales.  The program taught me how to bring out the client’s pains and get them to share with me their vision. Once I fully understood their concerns, I was able to present a 5-year implementation strategy with a variety of software products and services  – it’s all about the customer! As a result, I won “Rookie of the Year”.
      Gerard Chevrier, Account Manager
      Oracle Corporation

    • “I have been a sales professional for over 25 years and taken several training program over my career. Although skeptical when before taking Perception Selling, I am happy to report that I believe I am having more meaningful and productive meetings with my clients.  I believe it will result in better relationships with my top clients and increased sales and income for myself. I recommend the program to the seasoned sales professional and the rookie – I  wish this course was available when I started my career over 25 years ago. Well done Suzanne!”
      Dean Trudeau, Regional Manager
      RBC Asset Management

    •  “My sales increased hugely from the Perception Selling Program & I expect the same results from the Negotiation Excellence Program. As a new rep, these training programs have helped me tremendously and given me tons of confidence.”

      Andrew Quinn-Young, Account Executive
      Astral Media Radio

    • “I have been in the financial industry since 1999 and have taken countless sales training since then. None of my previous training experiences come even close to the quality, relevance and uniqueness of the trainings offered by Ignite Excellence and delivered by Suzanne Stevens.  She goes well above and beyond in terms of researching our industry, lingo, challenges, clients and relevant researches/data related to our business. It was so personal it is next to impossible not to be connecting with her from beginning to end. ”
      Nika Lancaster, Inside Sales Manager
      RBC Asset Management

    • Some people say you have to be born with sales ability, and others feel it is skill that can be learned. Regardless of which belief you hold, Ignite Excellence’s training programs help any sales professional or organization move beyond traditional needs based selling, and perfect their innate ability to influence prospects and customers by understanding their life experiences and what they truly value.”
      Lee Raito
      RBC Asset Management,

    •  I would like to thank you for the excellent sales training I received. This was the second year of training from Ignite Excellence, and it only gets better! The three days were chockfull of very useful information, which I was able to immediately apply to begin benefiting from more effective management of my client base. The subjects covered were always presented in a very interesting way which made the retention level outstanding! I have been able to use what I have learned to enjoy higher commissions and improved production from my accounts – almost immediately!”
      Pat Porter, Account Executive
      Astral Media Radio

    • “We have enjoyed favourable Q1 results and believe that the investment we made in Ignite Excellence’s training program has had a positive influence. I would recommend this program to any organization that wants to invest in their teams and see measurable results.”
      Debra Chapman, VP Sales

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    Investment in your development is also an investment in tertiary education for the future women leaders of Africa. Five percent (5%) of every program sold will be donated to the Ignite Excellence Foundation. – focusing on investing, inspiring & developing women leaders for tomorrow.
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  • Perception Selling Program

    Understanding leads to influence

    Using influence to differentiate You, Your offer or solution, and Your company.

    This program is not presently available online, however, if you are interested in receiving a special promotion rate when it is launched please click this link (Influential communications-development-program) and use promotion code “PSintro” And we will inform you of its availability.

    Understanding leads to influence

    Using influence to differentiate You, Your offer or solution, and Your company.

    Perception Selling Program is an influential communications sales training program that enables individuals to differentiate themselves by gaining the skills to understand clients’ and prospects’ perceptions and the unique way in which they make purchasing decisions. The skills developed in this program help participants conversationally sell through an influencing process while increasing your sales wins.

     Perception Selling Program develops control and flexibility to deal influentially in a variety of situations and with a variety of individuals. This business development program advances the relationship with the prospect and promotes long-term business partnerships. You will learn the skills required to uncover all the opportunities for your organization to capitalize on now and in the future.

    Perception Selling includes verbal and kinetic communication skills development. You will also learn the tactics to move an opportunity successfully through the sales cycle while navigating the plethora of obstacles that limit the relationship and the long-term sales partnership opportunities.

    Key Learning Outcomes

    Participants will have the skills to:

    • Obtain a deep understanding of how prospects/clients make buying decisions.
    • Gain appreciation of how to navigate around price  and other common obstacles.
    • Maximizing opportunities to cross-sell your products and services.
    • Influence prospects/clients by providing the right solutions that meets personal and company objectives at the right time.
    • Uncover all possible business opportunities for now and for the future to establish long-term business partnerships.
    • Differentiate yourself, your offer, and your company in every interaction to increase client loyalty.
    • Participants will also develop awareness to get to their individual next level of effectiveness.

    Who should attend?

    • Professionals who are experts but have a duel role: business development and also consult with their clients.
    • Experts and novices who need a partnership approach to winning and maintaining business.
    • Experienced Account Managers who want to grow current relationships and build new business.
    • Sales Managers who want to take their team to the next level.

    Full Program –  Perception Selling program includes digital audio and visual streaming, downloadable module worksheets (that build a complete workbook to be used as a resource), module exercise, reinforcement tools and certificate of program completion.  The program includes approximately 15 modules and can be completed in a few days or two months depending on your objectives.

    (Note: You will need an internet connection to take this course. The highest technology has been considered to promote streaming in emerging countries. The training videos are supported by all major Operating systems and browsers: Operating Systems: Mac OS/Windows; Browser support: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, browsers on iPhone/iPad and other smartphones; Flash version required: 9.115.)

    This program is not presently available online, however, if you are interested in receiving a special promotion rate when it is launched please click this link (Influential communications-development-program) and use promotion code “PSintro” And we will inform you of its availability.