Structure your Communications – Increase understanding, retention and action!

Welcome to igniteU – online influence university!

Below you will find a 25min video that will improve all your communications, to your colleagues, team, board of directors and clients! People have used these structures to win business worth millions of dollars; to communicate clear action steps in internal meetings; to inspire their teams to with a new vision and to communicate across the table to a perspective client. The structures are logical, and easy to follow, but very rarely used to promote clear communications.

We hope you enjoy these three structures and suggest you start implementing immediately in all your communications.

First watch the video as it will assist you with the how to use the downloadable tools.

To get the best out of this module, remember the following:

  1. Structure is a road map for you and your audience to understand, accept and retain the information.
  2. The best structures promote a next step, as action drives retention.
  3. All structures in all communications should have a beginning, middle and end.


Download support materials (structure sheets) for this module:
05 – Presentation Structure Planning Tool

05 – Presentation Structure Writing Tool
05 – Information Structure

Ignite Your Edgeness exercises: To get the most out of this module, make sure you do the exercises indicated at the end of this module. These exercises will help you increase your consciousness and create more confidence, control, credibility and  flexibility when delivering a presentation.

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